Giant Jamboree/Schedule/Monday



Congratulations! You've all been through this shared experience that is iGEM. Now we invite you to take part in the next phase of iGEM… After iGEM. After iGEM is here to excite, support, and inspire the 35,000+ iGEMers to continue leading in synthetic biology wherever they are around the world. It is meant to help you take what you’ve learned in iGEM, combine it with your passion, and help turn it into action.

We have put together a day of events and activities that will help take those next steps. Come experience what others have done and what you can do... beyond the competition. [More opportunities will be added so stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the Giant Jamboree.]

Find out more about After iGEM at

After iGEM: Connect & Caffeinate

Stop by for a brief introduction to programs and opportunities available to you through After iGEM. This will be an open session to grab a coffee, speak to the After iGEM Ambassadors, learn more out about After iGEM, and then head out to the various activities planned for the rest of the day.

After iGEM Summit

Did participating in iGEM change your life? Join us and the many iGEMers who share that passion and shape what happens next.
Sessions for this event will include:

After iGEM Highlights, a panel of iGEMers talking about their experiences in taking what they learned in iGEM and applying it to their passion
Birds of a Feather, break out into focus groups to brainstorm After iGEM initiatives around entrepreneurship, policy & responsibility, outreach, open science, and more.
Inspired Leaders, what does leadership look like after iGEM? Join us to find out.

After iGEM: Tours

Curious about the biotech industry? See where the magic happens by taking advantage of iGEM's partners industry tours.

Ginkgo Bioworks

Did you know that Ginkgo Bioworks began as an iGEM team? The first synthetic biology unicorn (a startup worth $1 billion USD) is giving back to their roots by offering tours to their fellow iGEMers. Details on how to take part in this unique opportunity coming soon.

New England Biolabs

Do you plan to continue in academia or research? You will certainly want to get to know NEB who was created “ by scientists for scientists” and has been supporting the scientific community for decades.
Sign up your team for a chance to tour our laboratories, meet our scientists, and hear a presentation from Nobel Laureate Sir Richard Roberts, immediately following this year’s iGEM 2018 Giant Jamboree. Selected teams will visit NEB for a half day on Monday, October 29, 2018, free of charge.

After iGEM: Academia

The Boston area not only has one of the highest concentrations of university campuses in the world, it also boasts some of the most exciting research centers and institutions. Explore their history and learn what they look forward to in the future.

After iGEM: Local / Global

iGEM is about local people, solving local problems, everywhere in the world.
Experience a bit of “Boston Local.” As one of the oldest cities in the country, Boston is full of exciting history, important museums, delicious cuisine, world renowned architecture, and classic parks. Explore one of the USA's major cities through discounted tours and site seeing opportunities made possible through iGEM.