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Human Practices Committee Member Application Form

Love iGEM? Want to ensure that synthetic biology projects are safe, responsible and good for the world? Apply to serve on iGEM’s Human Practices Committee!

The iGEM Human Practices committee is responsible for developing all Human Practices related elements of of the competition. We’re seeking new members with a diversity of expertise and experiences who can contribute new ideas and approaches to help teams, mentors, judges and others both within and beyond the iGEM community.

Serving on the iGEM HP committee is fun and rewarding but also requires a strong commitment. iGEM teams work hard on their projects over the summer, so we need committee members who are invested in helping them to reflect on whether their individual and collective efforts are safe, responsible and good for the world.

If you can spend time actively contributing to improving Human Practices as a core aspect of iGEM, including reviewing and contributing to materials for teams and judges, mentoring participants and others, serving as an ambassador to help other understand our approach, and attending the Jamboree in the Fall, we would love to have you on board! We need committee members who understand iGEM and those with relevant expertise who are willing to learn about iGEM. We are especially keen to foster a greater diversity of geographical, cultural and disciplinary expertise on the committee.

If you are a student on a 2018 iGEM team, you cannot apply to be a committee member. But you can apply when you graduate and become an iGEM alum! If you are selected as a member, we will provide resources to help new members get up to speed on iGEM, Human Practices and how the committees function. Advisory committee members are invited to serve for an initial term of two years, renewable. Especially active members are invited to serve on the executive committee, which reconciles input from all advisory members.


Rolling applications, apply by March 26 to be considered for the next round of applications

We're looking for:

  • People who are from different geographic and cultural expertise (e.g. represent the many places globally where iGEM teams learn and work)
  • People who have different different disciplinary expertise areas (e.g. natural sciences and engineering, social sciences, humanities)
  • People in the research, industry and policy ecosystem who would like to be more engaged with iGEM
  • iGEM alumni who want to stay involved (including team members, mentors and judges)

Questions? Email :

Megan Palmer
iGEM’s Director of Human Practices
palmer [AT] igem [DOT] org

Application form

Applications will be reviewed periodically with preference to those who apply earlier.

You can apply by completing the following google form or by submitting the downloadable pdf and sending it to palmer [AT] igem [DOT] org. If you have colleagues who you think should apply, please feel free to direct them to this form.