Judging/Judging Form


The 2018 Judging Forms are under revision. Please check back soon for updates.

iGEM 2018 Judging Forms

Judging Forms serve an essential role in the iGEM competition. The Judging Form is the primary way you will communicate your team's achievements with the judges.

When judges evaluate your team, they will look at your wiki, see your presentation, and come visit you at your poster. But judges have many wikis to evaluate and sometimes pages can be hard to find. They also might not know which of your parts is the best one, or the one they should evaluate for the "Best New Basic Part" or "Best New Composite Part" award.

Judging forms include evaluation criteria for medals, so make sure you have met the medal criteria for your track. Judging forms also allow teams to nominate themselves for special prizes.

Failure to successfully complete the Judging Form will prevent the judges from evaluating your team for medals and/or prizes.