iGEM is a multifaceted competition with many different components. Our websites have a lot of information, from requirements of the competition to tips on how make fundraising easier. This page is here to help you navigate our site and make sure you have access to all of its content.


To help you succeed in the iGEM competition, we have grouped information into Hubs. Visit each hub for general information as well as a deeper understanding of what is expected from your team for the 2018 season.

Team Hub

Find different ways to interact with the rest of the iGEM teams on this page, as well as general team information for the 2018 season.

Community Hub

Stay connected through our Community Bulletin and Newsletters. Learn about the different ways you can interact with the rest of the iGEM community on this page.

Competition Hub

Competition requirements, deliverables, rules, and other important information for the 2018 iGEM competiton. Each team member, including students, advisors, instructors, and Primary and Secondary PIs, should read through these pages prior to starting work on their iGEM project

Giant Jamboree

Giant Jamboree event details.

Judging Hub

Learn more about Judging, including Judging forms, evaluation rubric, and medal and awards criteria.

Safety Hub

Learn about Safety and Security as it pertains to the iGEM competition.

Human Practices Hub

Learn about Human Practices and why it is an important part of iGEM and the iGEM 2018 competition. Check out our tips for teams and resources can help you think about how to integrate human practices in your project design.

Measurement Hub

Learn about Measurement and why it is an important part of iGEM and the iGEM 2018 competition. Check out our tips for taking successful measurements in synthetic biology and resources to help you get started

Resources Hub

A wealth of information, tips and advice to help you during your iGEM experience. Visit this page for tips for starting a team, advice on how to fundraise, VISA help, and much, much more!

Project Calendar

Check out all deadlines and freezes.

Team Grants and Special Offers

We are proud to partner with leaders in industry to bring you Team Grant opportunities, Special Offers and discounts.



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