Team:ASIJ Tokyo/Attributions


In the past year, the ASIJ_TOKYO iGEM team has successfully used CRISPR technology to correct the SERPINA1 gene with E342K point mutation. Additionally, the whole team has gained a greater understanding of genetics, proteins, and many other topics we encountered along the way.

Dr. Kagimoto
Dr. Kagimoto is the founder of the company Healios KK Japan, a company at the forefront of stem cell technology and research. After reaching out to us and inspiring us to research liver diseases caused by genetic mutations, Dr. Kagimoto took the time to meet with us twice and offered valuable guidance. He will also be central to the second part of our project where we intend to work with stem cells to develop a liver organ bud. Dr. Kagimoto has kindly offered to provide these stem cells. We are so, so thankful for this incredible opportunity, especially as we are a high school team.

Ms. Crissy
Our team could not have been successful without our project advisor, Ms. Crissy. Throughout the duration of our project, Ms. Crissy was always there to guide us and consistently provided an abundance of knowledge, especially regarding lab work, and moral support.

Naito Sensei
Machiko Naito is a high school Japanese teacher at ASIJ who helped us translate our surveys into Japanese.

Gifu University and Tokyo Tech iGEM teams
The members of the Gifu and Tokyo Tech iGEM teams suggested we use a histidine tag to make the protein purification process smoother, faster, and more precise. The use of the histidine tag was significant in helping us successfully purify our protein.

Mr. Bell
Chris Bell is the high school head librarian at ASIJ. He helped the presenters prepare for the presentation at the Boston Jamboree.

Mr. Nelson
Mr. Nelson helped the Wiki Team with design of logos and the webpage, while also helping out with the html. He is an art teacher at ASIJ.

Thank You!