On this page, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the project, helped us throughout the summer, and made it an unforgettable experience. We would like to thank all our advisors without whom the project would not have been possible. We would also like to thank Aalto School of Chemical Engineering for providing us with lab space to work on the project. Our heartfelt thanks go to everyone who helped us realize this project, be it through valuable advice or providing DNA, bacterial strains or other materials. Our team members carried out all the work on this wiki and collected all data unless stated otherwise. The full list of acknowledgments can be found at the bottom of this page.


Markus Linder, primary PI

Markus, a Professor of Biomolecular materials from Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems at the Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering, is our principal investigator. He arranged some of our initial funding and has been actively involved during our ideation phase and guided us throughout the project. He also helped us finding experts who would be able to help with lab experiments and gave us useful insights regarding wiki, poster, and presentations.

Merja Penttilä, secondary PI

Merja, Adjunct Professor from Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems at the Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering, is our secondary investigator. Her insights during the ideation process helped us choosing the direction of our project. She also helped by giving feedback on our project ideas, suggesting experts we could contact related to the topics.

Heli Viskari

Our instructor Heli is University Teacher from Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems at the Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering. She has been guiding us in the lab and helping with any practical issues in the lab.

Team Members

All team members contributed in the ideation process, human outreach, fundraising, public engagement activities, writing the wiki and preparing materials for posters and presentations. All the lab members participated in the search of background information, planning of the experiments and lab work.

Shirajum Monira

Leading the project, arranged team meetings, user interviews and handled internal/external communication and was responsible for updating team website and survey.

Denise Pezzutto

Worked in the lab and handled communication between the lab subteam and the rest of the team.

Samu Kivistö

Worked in the lab and did the modeling.

Tiu Aarnio

Worked in the lab and programmed the wiki.

Kaarle Rasi

Handled the business affairs and fundraising and worked in the lab.

Leevi Lehtonen

Worked in the lab.

Jessica Koski

Worked in the lab and designed our constructs.

Pauliina Rautanen

Worked in the lab and programmed the wiki.

Viktorija Piaulokaite

Worked on design and human practices.

Yu-Shan Huang

Conducting stakeholder research, concept development, documentation and visualization.

Lab Support

Pezhman Mohammadi

Pezhman was our biggest help and advisor throughout the summer. He helped us to design our constructs, gave valuable advise how to work with the silk, provided protocols and reagents for us.

Bart Rooijakkers

Bart advised us how to conduct the cellulose binding test and provided us the cellulose nanofibrils and protocol for the experiment.

Christopher Jonkergouw

Christopher advised us on using and booking a plate reader for our interlab study and cytation tests.

Tia Lohtander & Charlie Zhang

We consulted Tia and Charlie on dyeing processes and color properties testing on natural dyes. They gave us valuable information on what things we should take into consideration when dyeing fabric with natural colors.

Johanna Karppi

Johanna provided us an E.Coli DH5 alpha strain and thus helped us to complete the interlab.

Aalto-Helsinki Alumni

We would like to thank Aalto-Helsinki 2017 team for recruiting us and help in the initial stage with tips and important information to get us started. They also were communicative throughout the project and handed us over our association Aalto-Helsinki Synthetic Biology ry. Our warm thanks to the Aalto-Helsinki alumni who helped us with tips and special thanks to:

Oskari Vinko

For valuable advice regarding our team poster and presentation.

Eveliina Karjalainen

She helped throughout the project with tips and information. We were able to turn to her whenever in doubt.

Meo Ekroos

He helped us setting up our team website.

Meryem Ecem Kaya

Helped us with lab work related information.

Matilda Tuure

Shared her experience and insight with us about design implementation in our project.

Modelling Support

Piotr Batys

Helpful discussion and tips about the modeling.

Maria Sammalkorpi

Provided the computational resources from her group’s budget.

Human Practices Support

Jutta Kujasalo, Rauno Bergman and Leenu Juurola

Jutta and Rauno have been very helpful supporting us with all the strenuous arrangements for two-day long exhibition in Heureka. Leenu helped us set-up the feedback questionnaire to collect participant responses.

Lea M. Urpa and Ekaterina Baibuz

Lea’s constructive feedback helped us polishing our seminar materials for the science basement presentation. Special thanks to Ekaterina for helping us arranging the seminar with science basement.

Henri Annila & Toni Sairanen

Thanks to Henri and Toni from Loimu for sponsoring and also Henri for arranging the career evening in November where we will participate.

Talisa Dwiyani

Talisa is the owner of startup Osem in Indonesia, produces clothing dyed with natural dyes and attended in our interview.

Elli Ojala, Carmela Kantor and Anni Siltanen

Elli from Finlayson participated in our interview. Carmela and Anni from Kemianteollisuus also attended our interview.

Noora Alhainen and Jukka Pesola

They attended our company interview.

Saara Azbel

Saara from Marimekko attended company interview with us.

Tania Afrin and Suravi Saha Roy

They attended our user interview.

Syed Hasibuddin Hussain and Ushanandini Mohanraj

They attended our user interview.

General Support

Prof. Päivi Laaksonen & Dr. Suvi Arola

Consulted us in the beginning of our project which helped with brainstorming.

Reetta Nissinen

Thanks to Reetta from Pure Waste and handling our team shirts.

Pirjo Kääriäinen

She consulted us in the beginning of our project which helped with brainstorming.

Kalevi “Eetu” Ekman

Kalevi helped us getting keycards to Aalto design factory where we spent considerable time during summer for our team meetings and other activities.

Paula Saratlieva, Joel Meneses and Ville Kukko-Liedes

Paula, Joel and Ville helped us printing our project poster and materials for heureka exhibition.

Shreyasi Kar

Shreyasi helped us with suggestions while building plasmid game for heureka exhibition.

Anu Haverinen

We hosted a coaching session for International Biology Olympiad team from Finland and Anu had helped us booking sauna space then and later whenever we had a team get together.

Asik Al Anik

We are thankful to our photographer Asik for his tremendous effort to capture real situation of textile dye pollution in different location from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Sara Chen

Thanks for doing voice-over in our project video.

Last but not the least, our heartiest thanks goes to Aalto Design factory for providing us with space, access and ability to work there during the summer.