The Toehold Switch

  • TBS: Trigger Binding Site, a 30 nucleotides long sequence, reverse complementary to the target RNA. Target RNA, a conserved MERS-CoV genome sequence, will be attracted and finally bind to it.
  • RBS: Ribosome Binding Site, a 12 nucleotides long sequence, responsible for the recruitment of a ribosome during the initiation of protein translation.
  • ATG: Start codon
  • TS Linker: The toehold switch linker is a 21 nucleotides long sequence, connecting the reporter protein to rest of the toehold, ensuring minimum interaction between the two.

The reporter protein

  • Zipper: Leucine zipper to assemble the a-part of the split trehalase with the b-part.
  • Zipper linker: The zipper linker is a 18 nucleotides long sequence that attaches the leucine zipper to the split trehalase.
  • G: Forward spacer in order to keep trehalase in frame.
  • TreA-a: The first part of the split trehalase, of 66 amino acids.