Preliminary project description

Based on the demand of the market and the background, In this project, we design an artificial biological system used for early warning detection of a particular biomarker , we try to use biosensors which will help the cancer screening process become more convenient . Even the LOD(limit of detection) is limited. We will try our best to improve accuracy of this system. The specific method is: to detect the content of specific cancer markers in blood samples by directed engineered bacteria system. Use specific small molecules to replace protein biomarkers,mostly are macromolecules,as incoming signal to do signal conversion process. After that,small molecules will get into the engineering bacteria, then the bacteria can produce green fluorescent protein through a series of operations.Use microfluidic chip device to load the biological component. And hardware in this system is used to detect the fluorescence signal. After establishing the equivalence relation between fluorescence and biomarkers, biomarkers content in blood will be calculated, and the probability of patients' disease can be deduced. Users can go to the hospital for more accurate detection after receiving early warning information . This is important to the early discovery of the disease in the public, which can reduce the deterioration of the disease due to the lack and late of detection.