Team:CCU Taiwan

The most common stores in Taiwan are handmade drink stores.
For us, these handmade drinks are part of our lives. However, these drinks cause serious burden to the earth.

These drinks are often served in disposable paper cups that are coated with petrochemical, such as PP and PE. And such plastic material cannot be decomposed in the environment, existing in the earth for hundreds or thousands of years.

According to the statistics of the Environmental Protection Agency of Taiwan in 2016, 1.1 billion paper cups were produced in Taiwan every year, and less than 10% of the paper cups were recycled.

More than 90% of the paper cups are thrown into the incinerator and burned, emitting a lot of carbon dioxide, making our climate more and more extreme

Thus, we decide to create a cup coated with lignin instead of PP and PE, which can be naturally decomposed in order to solve the problems and save earth. And we call it—


  We are aiming to create eco-friendly ligneous cups. We hope that the cups we make are waterproof and heat-resistant; furthermore, they can be naturally decomposed. It is a breakthrough attempt for the current paper cup coating and hopes to replace petrochemical materials such as PP and PE.

  Lignin, which can be found in most of the plants, is a polymer mainly composed of monolignol. Monolignols can go through polymerization by adding two enzymes—peroxidase and laccase. Therefore, we aim to modify the yeast to produce these two enzymes. These enzymes react with monolignols and synthesize the lignin.

  Monolignols we chose, which are extracted from black liquor and react with our enzymes to form lignin. Then, we observe lignin’s properties and adjust it to fit lamination paper industry. With Liggreen, everyone will be able to enjoy the convenience without polluting the Mother Earth.