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The CSU iGEM team would like to thank everyone who contributed to our project. All the work attributing to these projects is only made possible through the help of members in our community, including our sponsors, member, and advisors.

Thank you to our advisors, Dr. Claudia Gentry Weeks and Dr. Christie Peebles for their continued advice, assistance, and support.

To learn more about our team members and advisors, please visit Our team page. These members donated the time, energy, and creativity necessary to make projects like this possible.

Thank you to all our sponsors for allowing us to carry out this project and attend the jamboree. Visit our Sponsors page to learn more about this support.

Thank you to Dr. Ashley Robinson for S aureus BTN1260.

Thank you to all the artistic contributions to our website and banner including:
techflourishfor providing the clipart seen on our home page.
ESA/Hubble for the image of stars used throughout the website.