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In order to meet the collaboration requirement, we had a skype meeting with the Colorado School of Mines iGEM team. In this meeting we were able to bounce many ideas off each other as we recapped this 2018 iGEM season and began the process of planning for next year. Since Colorado School of Mines is a relatively new iGEM team, we had the opportunity to mentor them and share some of our experiences from conducting our research. Some of the key points we talked about had to do with modeling, lab protocols, fundraising, project organization, and member recruitment. We learned that both of our teams were dominated by chemical engineering majors and brainstormed other colleges within our respective universities that would be good to reach out to. We also discussed possible opportunities for collaboration next year. We learned that Colorado School of Mines does not use MATLAB, whereas many of our students have extensive experience with this program. We thought this might be a good area to work together on for next year. In addition to modeling, we talked about difficulties with particular protocols and how we overcame challenges and modified protocols for greater success. Beyond the technical aspects of our projects we compared successes and failures with different fundraising methods and mentioned the possibility of club dues to offset some general expenses for research and travel. Finally, we talked about ways to reward members for their contributions and encourage continued engagement in iGEM. This included opportunities such as creating an iGEM class to go towards a technical elective credit.

To learn more about the Colorado School of Mines' iGEM team and their project visit their wiki