Team:CUNY Kingsborough/Attributions


Our project would not have been possible without all those who offered their support along the way.

Team Accomplishments

  • Ryan Cheung: Wiki Coding
  • Eunice Ng: Modeling, Presenter, Wiki Coding (Main), Wiki Design
  • Amy Yang: Collaborations, Human Practices, Presenter, Wiki Coding
  • Jessica Zhao: Data Analysis (ImageJ®), Human Practices (Main Organizer, Science Fair Host, Lab, Main Presenter), Poster/Flyer Designer, Presenter (Main Organizer)
  • Julian Zhao: Data Analysis (Main), Modeling, Poster Editor, Presentation Support, Project Designer
  • Wendy Zhao: Advisor in Human Practices (Science Fair and Eco-Fest)


  • Ellen Jorgensen, Ph.D. & Biotech Without Borders: General Support
  • Kathryn Giamo: Corporate & Foundation Relations Manager at Kingsborough Community College
  • Tiffany Gonzalez: Human Practices Support (Presenting in Laguardia Community College)
  • Jonathan Pinkhasov: General Support
  • NYCH2O: Community Support


  • Professor Devin Camenares: General Support, Modeling, Project Design
  • Professor Sarwar Jahangir: General Support, Lab


Our main corporate partner, Canon Solutions America, was very helpful in funding our team and enabling us to register and compete this year. We are grateful for their continual support of iGEM at Kingsborough Community College.

Integrated DNA technologies generously offered to sponsor DNA parts for this year.