Team:CUNY Kingsborough/Collaborations


Data Collection for the EtBr Spot Protocol

We want our standard curve to be able to predict concentrations from varying levels of pixel intensity. In order to do so, we needed a larger and more diverse dataset. So we asked iGEM teams to perform the following task: dilute 1 uL of DNA of an unknown concentration into 9 uL EtBr (1 ng/uL), photograph the samples under UV light, and send us the images. Using ImageJ®, we compared the pixel intensity of the sample with a known DNA concentration to the predicted pixel intensity based on our standard curve. Special thanks to HD Resolution from the US and Tec de Monterrey_Gdl from Mexico!

Predicting Collateral Cleavage Activity of Cas13a

Cas9 - a cleaving RNA in CRISPR technology

We collaborated with the Columbia University iGEM Team to help them model the collateral cleavage activity of Cas13a, an enzyme used to cleave RNA in CRISPR technology. Our team provided the base system of equations and simulated the equations. See the details here.

Exchanging Ideas

Thanks to the HD Resolution Team in NYC, USA, we collaborated to host an event to present our projects to each other. They learned about the EtBr Spot Protocol and the light operon and we learned about their goal to cure Huntington's Disease. It was a great experience!

Credits to Team HD Resolution