Team:CUNY Kingsborough/Human Practices

Human Practices

Jamaica bay is on the south side of Long Island of New York. And part of this rich wildlife habitat resides a college campus named Kingsborough Community College; the place where the CUNY iGEM team formed. Back in 2016 the team aimed to decrease nitrogenous waste in Jamaica bay by engineering E.Coli to be capable of breaking down the waste in to nitrogen is sewage. During 2017, we designed a kill switch to prevent the bacteria from replicating in the outside enviroment if it ever gets out. This year as we are continuing our project, we decided to communicate to the public about how we attempt to tackle the problem in Jamaica bay and take full considerations of what the public concerns are. We paired up with NYC H2O Company during the Plumb Beach Clean Up Event (in Jamaica Bay) , where we were able to discuss what the problems were and what our project was about.