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Team:CUNY Kingsborough/Team


Ryan Cheung - Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences

This tenth grade lad has great enthusiasm for synthetic biology. He's a soft-spoken hard worker who studied modeling and learned HTML on his own time.

Eunice Ng - Hunter College, Mathematics/Computer Science (BA)

If you're up at night and need a coffee buddy to get things done, look no further! Her only hope is that her Differential Equations professor will see this and give extra points on the final exam.

Amy Yang - Hunter College, Chemistry-Bioinformatics (BA), Mathematics (Minor)

This gal has a lot of passion that does not allow her to give up! When she's not working on iGEM, she devotes her time to volunteering and working at a lab. She does her best and is always eager to help the team.

Jessica Zhao - City College, Biotechnology (BS)

The one who didn't send the photo, creator of Phil and the writer of this shenanigan.


Devin Camenares, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Alma College

Professor Camenares is our wonderful mentor and acted as primary PI in previous years. He listens to our problems and helps out when he can. His words of constructive criticism and advice makes him a core member of our team.

Julian Zhao - Hunter College, Biochemistry/Pscyhology (BA), Mathematics (Minor)

His main interests lie in research design and medicine. As an iGEM veteran, he guides the team through brain-storming ideas and problem-solving. On most iGEM nights he can be found refining our statistics while sipping on iced coffee.

Wendy Zhao - Kingsborough Community College, Nursing (AAS)

She may be a busy bee but when she can, she will lend a hand. And with that hand, she cheers us on!

Principal Investigator

Sarwar Jahangir, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Kingsborough CUNY

With everything going on, professor Jahangir stuck by our side. He is a wonderful man who believes in what we do. He does his best to support us and make sure we are okay. We are very fortunate to have him by our side.