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In 2015, 8.8 million people worldwide died of cancer. Of these deaths, about 9% were caused by colorectal cancer, making colorectal cancer the third most lethal cancer (World Health Organization). In addition, this type of cancer is seldom completely cured due to a high rate of recurrence (Ramasamy et al. 2015).Treatment is most effective when the disease is detected early. Therefore, our project aims to create an effective screening tool for early stage colon cancer combined with an effective cancer treatment.

Our project uses Synthetic Biology to treat colorectal cancer. Our envisioned product is a pill containing genetically engineered probiotic yeast. The pill is ingested by the patient and passes through the digestive tract. If the ingested yeast cells encounter cancer cells in the bowel, they will selectively attach to them. As more yeast cells accumulate, the secretion of anti-cancer molecules will be triggered. The yeast cells continuously produce gas vesicles which will refract ultrasound waves. This allows detection and monitoring using simple ultrasound imaging technology in an otherwise invisible and inaccessible part of the body. Meanwhile, the anti-cancer molecules specifically target and kill the cancerous cells, curing the patient with highly limited collateral damage.

Work in progress

This site is under construction, as such only the project description above is available, the rest of the wiki will be available at the end of summer. For contact or more information about our project, please visit our facebook,twitter,instagram,or contact us via email at