Team:ColegioFDR Peru/Girls Can

At Colegio Roosevelt, there was no science curriculum until you reach the sixth grade. The children approach science through an interdisciplinary lense. However, Girls Can! found that by their ninth year of education, most girls feel uncomfortable in the STEM classroom. Most believe that they haven’t learned science or math and that the boys just have a knack for it. In high school, the boy:girl ratio in advanced science and math faces a significant gap. We feel it is in everyone’s interest to bridge this gap, especially for iGEM as a research team. This is why we have decided to revisit Girls Can!, a project we collaborated with last year. In Girls Can!, we aim to provide a sturdy scientific foundation for girls entering middle school through the arts. We have co-created and implemented social issues curriculum as we believe creativity is best used to solve local problems. Our team believes this will help elementary school children transition into middle school, as well as spur interest in the sciences at FDR, in order to make it part of the school’s culture.