Iron Guardian

Iron Guardian

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Project Description

The industrial cooling water accounts for about 70% of total water consumption, which is a huge proportion. The existence of microorganism will scale the pipeline, producing sludge and rust. As a result, we will see a decrease in water flow, an increase in energy consumption and damage to equipment, which are especially serious to large equipment. At present, many companies are providing services on clearing up the cooling water systems with physical and chemical methods, which require huge amounts of expensive agents, while doing serious damage to the systems. Therefore, it is an urgent necessity to construct a kind of engineered strain which can finish the task of killing iron bacteria, removing rust and sludge at the same time, which is environment-friendly and independent of chemical agents while reducing costs dramatically.

Our engineered Bacillus Subtilis will firstly detect the quorum sensing signal AHL, and the AHL bound with its receptor protein AfeR will trigger the expression of siderophore and DspB, which can destroy the living environment of iron bacteria. The formation of siderophore-Fe3+ will increase the concentration of Fe3+ which can be detected by our engineered bacteria and initiates the expression of cecropin.


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