Thanks to all the team members for their tireless efforts, thanks to the instructor's patient guidance, and the groups and individuals who have helped our team. Thanks to everyone who cares about 2018 ECUST. Thanks also to the schools and businesses that have helped our projects. Special thanks to Zhang Lixin's research team for providing funds and venue support for our team. Thanks to teachers such as Wang Qiyao and Tan Gaoyi for providing us with experimental guidance.

Li Fengting : As the captain, he is responsible for the design of the genetic circuit and the advancement of the entire project.

Teng Xinyu: As the wet experimental captain, she is responsible for the promotion of the project wet experiment. She has made great contributions to the iron reversal system and the siderophore system.

Xu Wenzhao: Responsible for the separation and construction of the enterobacterin gene cluster, designing and assembling hardware.

Zhao Jingjing: Responsible for the verification of the bactericidal effect of antimicrobial peptides, the construction and characterization of lysin.

Xie Tingting: Responsible for the characterization and construction of the quorum sensing system and participate in the related work of HP.

Tang Dingyue: Construction of DspB vector, verification of DspB enzyme activity and membrane removal effect. Guarantee iGEM CLUB daily operations.

Xing Zheng: Responsible for the modeling of the iron reversal system, the data processing after the experiment.

Xiao Zhihong: Modeling of quorum sensing systems, characterization of Light-on systems.

Shi Jianan: Captain Hp, responsible for science education in IHP, 3+net and synthetic biology.

Hong Xiujing: Responsible for the construction of the quorum sensing system and the iron reversal system.

Pan Birui: Responsible for the separation of iron bacteria, interviews with companies and professors.

Nian Keqing: Responsible for the construction of the enterobacterin vector and the team's financial reimbursement work.

Wang Bowei: Modeling, writing artificial neural network programs.

Huang Luxin: Responsible for the team's art design work and some HP work.

Chen Zhigang: Responsible for the construction of the webpage.

We would like to thank the School of Bioengineering of East China University of Science and Technology for their supports and help.

Thanks to the experimental site and equipment provided by Prof. Dr. Liu Qin.

Thanks to Prof. Dr. Wang Qiyao to give advice on the expression of siderophore.

Thanks to Prof. Dr. Tan Gaoyi for giving us guidance and advice on daily experiment questions.

Thanks to Prof. Dr. Wei Wei for providing us with the plasmid skeleton.

Thanks to Prof. Dr. Yang Yi for providing us with the light control plasmid.

Thanks to Dr. Zhu Minglong for sharing the experience of iron bacteria cultivation.

Thanks to Dr. Liang Mindong for their experience and skills in providing vector construction.

Thanks to Dr. Chen Xianjun for providing us with guidance on the construction of light control systems.

Thanks to Prof. Dr. Liu Lehua from the School of Resources and Environment Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology for their help and advice on background research.