Internal communication


We had a group meeting every week for the purpose of trouble-shooting. Various difficulties we encountered in the process of our experiments would be overcome by our brainstorm like changing our engineered bacteria strain and plasmid, improving suicide system. And from the feedback of the companies we interviewed, we discussed and specially adapted our project to get rid of specific problems like enormous cost and leaky expression.

Environmental track

The new concept of “3+ net” (Applications+, Biosafety+, Society+) was raised by ECUST during the trouble-shooting meet-up of CCiC and many teams under the track of environment would like to be a part of the activity and make the meaning of “3+ net” much richer. Each team took charge of one part respectively and we summarized all the data we collected which enabled us to exchange our opinions and optimize our projects more effectively.

Interview (expert)

We interviewed the professor in environmental department of our university who cooperated with relevant companies before. He said he always test the water by using weight loss method which is quite fast to reflect the degree of metallic pollution. And he gave us several critical suggestions and reminded us full attention should be paid to keep our bacteria from diffusing into environment which is pivotal element of biosafety.

External communication

Interview (company)

As our project aims to use biological method to solve pollution in cooling water system and industrial waste, we interviewed Shanghai Yucheng Environmental Protection Company in order to get a fair idea of current situation and seek professional advice. Here are all questions we asked the worker.

Data from companies

We collected data from environmental and energy-related companies, seeking advice on collecting data and building our modeling. To predict the corrosion rate and analyze different parameters, we asked for the sample data ranging from 2016 to 2018 from petrochemical company and a steel company.