Quorum sensing model

To understand, predict and ultimately control the behavior of our engineered microbial group effect, we have developed dynamic model of the system, based on differential equations which describe and integrate the individual processes. This model involves several entities going from the molecular level (genes, RNAs, proteins, and metabolites) up to the cellular and population levels, distinct intracellular and extracellular compartments, and a wide range of biological and physical processes (transcription, translation, signalling, growth, diffusion, etc). Here we can show the concentrate of DspB and Enterobactin produced by our engineered bacteria and the biofilm and rust removing time through calculating.

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Fur-cecropin AD model

Furthermore, in order to measure the ability of engineered bacteria to kill iron bacteria and the work time our bacteria needed to collapse the iron system, we developed another model which is used to descrip the production of the cecropin AD and the sterilizing ability of the cecropin. This model includes three parts: the iron sensor, the inverter system, the sterilizing system. The sensor model tells the concentrate of Fe2+ when our bacteria start working. The inverter system shows the cecropin productin and the sterilize system demonstrates the sterilization effect. The model makes the function with above all parts.

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