iGEM EPFL 2018


Cancer Personalized Encapsulin Immunotherapy and Relapse Assay

What is CAPOEIRA ?

While cancer is still the disease of the 21st century, new insights and approaches are changing the landscape of its therapy. Immunooncological approaches to treatment are becoming ever more important, with immunotherapy harnessing the immune system's existing weapons in the fight against malignancy. The project that the 2018 EPFL iGEM team presents is focused on developing new techniques for treating melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, by providing a set of tools to identify promising targets, rapidly manufacture an array of corresponding vaccines, and detect potential cancer relapse all on a personalized basis. The project is exhaustive and can be divided into the following parts:


Detection of cancer patient specific tumor mutations and neoantigens


Expression of the neoantigens and the adjuvant using encapsulin

Immune response

Maturation of dendritic cells and T-cells

Follow up

Detection of cancer relapse using liquid biopsies of ctDNA and cancer miRNA