Team:East Chapel Hill/SchoolActivitise

CRISPR Worksheet

In order to reach out to younger students who are beginning to go more in depth into biology, we made a worksheet that covers the basics of CRISPR. The worksheet discusses what CRISPR is, how it's used, and the different perspectives on it, from an ethical standpoint.

The worksheet was given to students in honors biology classes and in biomedical classes as extra-credit. They would read the article and answer questions, provoking them to form their own opinion on the ethics of CRISPR and other scientific innovations.

AP Environmental Science Presentation

This year, we presented our project and other aspects of synthetic biology to AP (Advanced Placement) Environmental Science students. Because our project relates to excess fluoride in water, which can come from many different natural sources, we focused on explaining how the problem of excess fluoridation arises and its effects. Also, because these students have a greater knowledge base in biology, we explained our solution.

Our goal for this presentation was to spark curiosity in new and developing fields, like synthetic biology. We also urged students to look around them in their daily life, and see ways science could help solve problems, both local and global.

APES Presentation