Project introduction:

There exist a large number of glands under the axilla, where the Volatile organic compounds produce typical stinking odors. The odor is (Ë)-3-methyl-2-hexenoic acid (E-3M2H), which has an adverse effect on patients' daily life and social interaction. Based on the odor generation mechanism, our team combined three options to ensure that our products can effectively remove the odor. To be more specific, we express both E3M2H-related proteases, degrade odor odor sources, and also express metal chelating peptides to inhibit N-α-acyl-valley N-alpha-acyl-glutamine aminoacylase, which prevents the undergrowth bacteria from decomposing sweat and producing underarm odor. In the meantime, we also produce phenyl lactic acid (PLA) (with a broad-spectrum bacteriostasis) and phenylethyl alcohol (2-PE) (producing rose aroma) to achieve antibacterial effect and enable natural deodorize.