Why do we do this ?

    According to statistics, the microbes we touched each day is about 3 times more than the human cells. The infection with some specific microbes can cause infectious diseases and give unpleasant smell. Bacteria can infect any area of the body and cause different diseases: pneumonia, meningitis, food poisoning, etc.
    We believe that it will be very interesting and meaningful to inhibit most of the bacteria that affects our normal life and to make the environment that has an unusual smell become fragrant in a more efficient, environmentally friendly way.
    Based on the principles of metabolic engineering, we engineered an E.coli strain producing phenyllaclic acid that has broad-spectrum antibacterial effects, and the rose-like aroma compound 2-phenylethanol.They are all safe substances at the edible level.We incorporated the common components of temperature and salt control in the synthesis system, which applied phenyllaclic acid and 2-phenylethanol to the environment of our daily lives.The combination of them makes the environment around us more beautiful and more interesting.

What we want to do?

    We believe that a safe and effective broad-spectrum antibacterial and mild aroma-producing substance is urgently needed to ensure the quality of our lives and improve our living environment. Based on this, we have identified a substance with broad-spectrum antibacterial efficacy and an edible safety level - PLA (phenyl lactic acid), as well as substances that can both inhibit bacteria and produce rose fragrance. PE (phenylethyl alcohol).

    Phenyllactic acid (PLA) is widely found in kimchi, honey and other foods. It is a new type of natural antibacterial substance and preservative that can inhibit a series of gram-negative/positive bacteria, and fungi. In addition, PLA has obvious improvement and protection of vascular system, which has been widely used in food and pharmaceutical industries.

How do we apply?

We designed two applications to bring PLA and 2-PE into practice. In order to highlight the role of PLA and 2-PE, broad-spectrum antibacterial and rose-like aroma compound, we add it to solve the internal and external environment.

Our odor spray: long-lasting effect, PLA, 2-PE are edible grade safety substances.

Our trash can: effectively kill a variety of bacteria, cover up the smell of garbage, distribute the fragrance of roses