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Team and Attibutions


Carlos Sanchez

Carlos is the president of Gaston Day's iGEM team this year.

George Luan

George has been a member of Gaston Day's iGEM team since the summer of 2017, and he is a hardworking boy.

Ethan Van Meter

GDS junior

Jacky Hu

Jacky is a junior at Gaston Day. He participates in the lab experiments and writes the human practice for the team.

Oliver Xu

GDS senior

Grace Goff

GDS sophomore

Brendan Sweezy

Brendan joined our team in the spring of 2018. He took an active part in the lab work.

Becky Fu

GDS senior


Nicholas Lyu

Nicholas joined the iGEM team this year and is the major designer of the website.

Elon Zhao

GDS senior


George Shi

George is a Gaston Day junior who is in charge of the visual arts for our team.


Anne Byford

Ms. Byford has been an advisor for our iGEM team since she established it in 2008, and she is the soul of the team.

Wade Glaser

Mr. Glaser has been the computer science and physics teacher at Gaston Day for 8 years. He helped the team with their website and modeling parts for their project.


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