Team:Gaston Day School/Composite Part

Composite Parts

Promoters+Gene Parts
J23102+GlmY* BBa_K2221002
J23118+GlmY BBa_K2536013
J23106+GlmY BBa_K2536010
J23107+GlmY BBa_K2536011
J23116+GlmY BBa_K2536012

*BBa_K2221002 is a part our team submitted last year. For this year's project, we added more data to the registry for this part.


GlmY functions as a small RNA.

It upregulates GlmZ which activates GlmS by stabilizing the transcription of the glmS gene.

GlmY is associated with alcohol resistance and the production of cell membrane.

Alcoholic Resistance Data

Figure 3