HebrewU HujiGEM 2018

Our Project

TCDD is counted among the most toxic pollutants known to man. Lethal in very small doses, it can cause an array of symptoms from skin lesions to cancer and even severe birth defects. This extremely stable compound is a byproduct of industrial processes as well as conventional warfare, polluting sites for decades after initial exposure. As of yet, there is no economically viable solution to the problem of TCDD pollution. TCDD creates serious health and environmental concerns around the globe. TCDD is entirely synthetic, and as such, we believe the solution must be engineered by humans as well.

After studying the partial degradation pathways that exist for TCDD in several organisms, we identified a small number of enzymes capable of breaking down the toxin, its byproducts, and other molecules from the same family of toxic chemicals (dioxins). We are combining these enzymes into a single organism to create a novel metabolic pathway that will degrade TCDD into harmless metabolites. We are proposing an affordable, ecological, and versatile solution to TCDD pollution which can be implemented throughout the world. through synthetic biology, we are engineering organisms that can remediate TCDD affected areas in a manner that is both eco-friendly, and economically sound.

We hope this research will help detoxify our planet, creating a safer and cleaner environment for everyone.

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