Team:Hong Kong JSS/Collaborations


Team: Hong_Kong-CUHK

At mid-april, we had a video meeting with Team: Hong_Kong-CUHK. We introduced our project to each other and discussed ways to collaborate. Team: Hong_Kong-CUHK promised to lend us their lab for interlab study as we do not have a plate reader in our schools for the experiments involving the measurement of fluorescence and absorbance of fluorescein.

At mid-July, we started interlab in Team: Hong_Kong-CUHK’s lab. Not only they borrow all apparatus to us, LB agars in the interlab experiments are all provided by Team: Hong_Kong-CUHK.

All competent cells E.coliTOP10 are also provided by Team: Hong_Kong-CUHK because secondary schools cannot afford a -70C freezer. Team: Hong_Kong-CUHK also taught our teammates some basic lab techniques such as gel electrophoresis, plate spreading and heat shock transformation.

Team: Hong_Kong_HKUST

We have our first meeting with Team:Hong_Kong-HKUST in UCCKE on 2nd of August. Both teams briefly presented the project to each other and raised a few questions.

Team: Hong_Kong_HKUST also hope to use our copper absorbing device to collaborate with their project as laccase in their project is made of copper. In terms of biosafety, direct disposal of copper to the environment is harmful. By using our copper absorbing device, Team: Hong_Kong_HKUST’s project can improve by not only benefit the public, but also protecting the environment.

Team: Hong_Kong_HKUST also suggested teaching some of our teammates modelling. But it turns out to be cancelled as the MT gene did not largely enhanced the copper adsorption ability of E. coli.

Hong Kong JSS