Team:IIT Kanpur/Attributions

Member’s Attributions

Besides help from external organizations, our project would not have made progress without the contribution of our team members. Though every individual contributed in a specific task, everyone made an invaluable contribution in their own manner.

Every one of them has contributed significantly in brainstorming sessions during early iGEM meetings that led to our final idea.

·     Rishabh Jain

o  He was the key person who would keep a tab on deadlines and requirements of our project. He managed and organized most collaboration and human practices events and documented them along with Shivam. He was involved in conducting quantitative experiments like detecting fluorescence readings and cell growth in secretion assay and Interlab. He was involved in the web design of the wiki. He is the artist behind technical images on our wiki.

·     Adarsh Kumar

o  The most efficient member amongst us, he is the sole mastermind behind modeling of our project. He conducted the two major experiments in Interlab, i.e., cell measuring protocol and colony forming unit protocol. He contributed significantly in designing constructs for secretion assay. He was involved in quantitative experiments for measuring fluorescence and cell growth in our secretion assay. Moreover, along with Rishabh, he was involved in web designing of the wiki.

·     Aryaman Jha

o  He designed the AutoCAD model for washing machine compatible and industrial reactors that were the highlight of integrated human practices. He also organized meeting with Professor Purnendu Bose and Rajiv Sinha for Integrated Human Practices.

·     Shivam Kant

o  Shivam has managed, organized and documented major aspects of human practices and collaboration along with Rishabh. He was actively involved in experimentation for cloning of construct for secretion assay along with Abhinav. He analyzed the data for fluorescence reading and growth curve in secretion assay.

·     Anunay Jain

o  He designed our logo. He handled and conducted all the experiments for the detection of extracellular secretion of our protein. He was also involved in optimizing experimentation for cloning of constructs.

·     Anushya Goenka

o  She is the one who initiated meetings for iGEM IIT_Kanpur. She arranged and managed sources for our funding. She was actively involved in designing for wiki along with Somorjit. She designed our brochure.

·     Koushani Das

o  She was the one to come up with the idea of solving SDS problem with alkyl sulfatase, and she was actively involved in the formation of the idea during brainstorming sessions. She made the content for wiki page SWASH.

·     Abhinav Soni

o  He designed the strategy for extracellular secretion of protein along with Adarsh. He conducted calibration protocols for Interlab and was responsible for cloning of constructs for secretion assay. He designed and coordinated overall experimentation of secretion assay and contributed significantly in editing content for the wiki.



There are numerous people whose support was indispensable to our project’s progress.

Technical Support

We were provided great guidance by the lab members of Dr. Jonaki Sen, Dr. Amitabha Bandyopadhyay, Dr. Arun Shukla, Prof. Dhirendra S Katti and Dr. Saravanan Matheswaran at different steps of competition. We are thankful for their contribution and efforts.

Suvimal Kumar Sindhu (Ph.D. Scholar), helped us in optimizing our cloning protocol.

Aekagra Singh (M.Tech student) helped us with all the protocols for detection of secreted proteins.

Namrata (Ph.D. Scholar) helped us with Silver staining protocol of proteins.

Somorjit(Ph.D. Scholar) helped us design our front page in wiki and iGEM banner.


Material Support

Plate reader equipment was provided by the lab Prof. Dhirendra S Katti.

Antibodies for detection of secreted protein was gifted by Dr. Arun Shukla’s and Dr. Saravanan Matheswaran’s lab.

Competent cells were provided by the lab of Dr. Jonaki Sen.


Funding Support

We are grateful to the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur for funding our registration and travel.

We also thank Bioincubator, BIRAC for providing us with a facility to conduct our experiments and funding cost of our reagents. We would especially thank Dr. Amitabha Bandyopadhyay for his help during the process.

We are also thankful to Akash Jain (General Secretary, Science, and Technology IIT Kanpur) for his help in preparing an application for funding request from our institute.


We would like to also thank our sponsors who provided us with DNA sequence and license to their products. It helped us to pace up work at an exceptional rate.

·     IDT

·     Snapgene

·     Geneious

·     MATLAB Softwares