Team:IIT Kanpur/InterLab


Complying with the trend of InterLab Study, iGEM conducts every year, to achieve the full potential of synthetic biology, invariably making every lab on earth build upon others’ work.
The question of iGEM 2018 InterLab Study was, ‘Can we reduce lab-to-lab variability in fluorescence measurements by normalizing to absolute cell count or colony-forming units (CFUs) instead of OD?’

Approach 1:
Converting absorbance of cells to absorbance of a known concentration of beads.
Approach 2:
Counting colony-forming units (CFUs) from the sample.

Here are the summarised results of our interlab:

The first column represents the fluorescence reading of two replicates for every device The second column represents the OD reading of two replicates for every device.