This year, we collaborated with 3 iGEM teams of 2018, be showing as follows, and we participated in China 5th CCiC held in Shanghai. We helped each other and shared some good ideas concerning our projects, and we got some fantastic inspirations.

1.Collaboration with OUC-China

According to our appointment with OUC-China, We printed and propagandized the E.coli cartoon designed by OUC-China to the new students on the club recruitment day at our school. Many students are attracted by this cartoon book. It introduces complex Synthetic Biology with vivid pictures and words, which enable more students to learn about Biology and fall in love with it. We imparted some biological knowledge in the E.coli cartoon in detail for those new biological fan.

2.Collaboration with SKLMT-China

With the invitation of SKLMT-China, we made a contribution to the construction of Pseudomonas fluorescence promoter pool. With the help of report gene firefly luciferase, we managed to test the intensity of different promoters. This helped SKLMT-China team to build up promoter pool, which aimed to collect intensity data of promoter under different lab conditions. The process of cooperation enables us to learn from one another and achieve satisfying results.

    Using the BERTHOLD Mithras LB 940 instrusment, showed in the left, we sbtained some valuable results. These results are showing as follows.
    (The data of different promoter activities we tested for SKLMT-China)
    (The column of different promoter activities we tested for SKLMT-China)

3.Collaboration with NEU-China-A

This year, NEU China A aims to design a biological system against inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and potential colorectal cancer(CRC) by using engineered probiotics. To put out the fire in the gut, E.coli Nissle 1917 is selected as their firemen. They empower it with an anti-inflammatory device in their project. And we donated the E.coli Nissle 1917 to them.

4. We participated in the Fifth CiCC China in Shanghai

OOur team attended the fifth CiCC in September, 2018, presenting our experimental design and results to all other teams as well as experts in synthetic biology. We obtained some valuable suggestions from them, which enables us to put forward improvements and get better results. We also got inspiration from other teams’ presentation, applying some of those ideas in our own research. The lecture given by professors plays an indispensable role in expanding our basic knowledge of Biology.