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    Our team consists of 7 students majoring in life science and 5 students majoring in design, Internet, digital media. We get more inspiration when different professional ideas collide. We successfully constructed a safe acid-resistant and freeze-resistant plasmid and introduced it to Lactococcus lactis NZ3900 to create a safe chassis microbe. From a project framework to our step-by-step results, validation and presentation on the wiki, each of us played a big role. Thank you!




Molecular cloning & Protein expression: Yifan Wang, Shuyan Zhang, Tian Wang, Zhoudi Miao, Yaling Wang, Weijia Liu
Human Practice: Yifan Wang, Shuyan Zhang, Tian Wang, Zhoudi Miao, Yaling Wang, Weijia Liu, Yunxiao Hu, Zhihao Wang
Modeling&Design: Yifan Wang, Yi Zhao
Wiki: Zhihao Wang, Shuang Wang
Video: Wenxuan Zhao
Art design: Zhixing Wang is responsible for the desighs for poster, teamlogo, flash and team clothing.
Presentation: Shuyan Zhang, Yaling Wang, Zhoudi Miao
Deadline: Yifan Wang, Shuyan Zhang, Tian Wang, Zhoudi Miao, Yaling Wang, Weijia Liu


• General support
     Thanks to Jingwen Zhou for allowing us to use their lab when our lab was decorated.
• Project support and advice
     Thanks to Yong Chen for the formation of our team.
     We are grateful to Guocheng Du, Juan Zhang for giving us project support and advice.
• Fundraising help and advice
     Our project is mainly funded by our school. Thanks to the financial department of Jiangnan University for its support.
• Lab support
     We would like to thank Juan Zhang and Zheng Kang, who allow us to use their lab and kinds of experimental materials.
• Difficult technique support
     Thanks to Xuqing Tang for provide us ideas for modeling.
     Thanks to Yanwei Zhang for teaching us using Enzyme standard instrument and other experimental skills.
• Project advisor support
     Thanks to Long Liu, Ye Ni, Peishan Yang, Zhengming Zhu for give us support.
• Wiki support
     Thanks to Wei Fang for giving us advice on wiki construction.
• Presentation coaching
     Thanks to Yanyan Li for guiding us on presentation.
• Human Practices support
     During the human practice, we received many supports and suggestions from people and organizations, such as Wuxi Yakult, Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Company, Vland biology, Meiji Dairies and Runying biological engineering (Shanghai) co. LTD.


• When did you start your brainstorming?
     We started to determine the project theme in January 2018. After the winter vacation, we began to brainstorm in March to determine more directions and details. After that, we encountered many problems, so we also brainstormed to solve them.
• When did you start in the lab?
     Before the project started, most of us spent a year in the lab learning experimental skills.
• When did you start working on your project?
     The experiment in our project officially began in March this year.


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