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    In the project, we discovered a new effective acid tolerance gene—msmK,which can improve the survival rate of Lactococcus lactis NZ3900 by 213.67 times at pH 4.0. And we constructed a promising food-safe grade chassis microorganism Lactococcus lactis NZ3900/pNZ8149-msmK-cspD2, which can provide more solutions to the acid and cold stress problems in fermentation industry. Besides, we also obtained two patents in the industrial application of Lactic acid bacteria. (Patent number: 201811026830.6 & 201811042938.4)


     Registered the team, had a great summer, and plan to have fun at the Giant Jamboree.
     Completed our team wiki.
     Plan to present a poster for our project and talk at the Giant Jamboree.
     Completed the Judging Form.
     Completed the Attributions page.
     Successfully completed the interlab work.


     Designed at least one new standard BioBrick Part that is central to our project and submitted these part to the iGEM Registry.

Part Number(s):
Part number Part name Part function
BBa_K2606001 msmK Acid tolerance
BBa_K2606003 cspD2 Cold tolerance
BBa_K2606004 egfp Marker gene
BBa_K2606005 msmK-cspD2 Acid and cold tolerance
     Collaborations with other iGEM teams.
     Human Practice-silver: Thought carefully and creatively about whether our work was safe, responsible and good for the world.


    On the basis of Silver Award, we met the following requirements on Gold Award.

     Human Practice-gold


    Integrated Human Practices:

    Education and Public Engagement:


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