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Interlab with ZJUT-China

    This year is our first time to attend for the iGEM, So We met up with ZJUT-China,DLUT-China and LZU-China in Jiangsu Normal University to learn some experience form them and share our own project to them . Before this meeting, we had some troubles in interlab and we couldn’t find correct method to solve it. So we shared our problems with them at the meeting. The ZJUT-China had finished the interlab successfully and gave us some suggestions on our interlab. We adopted their suggestions and finally made it. After this meeting, we had a further communication with ZJUT-China and What they studied in Lysis gene gave us some inspiration about our own project, which made us consider to add a kill switch to make our L.lactis safer towards the biological environment. In return, we also gave them some ideas and suggestions to help them with their project.

Kill switch with SSTi-SGZD

    This year we also had a deep cooperation with SSTi-SGZD. They helped us with Wiki construction and technical support, so our Wiki could be compatible with the required format. We shared our ideas that we want to add a gene as the kill switch and wanted to get their suggestions. Then they just provided us with a supernova kill switch in a light-controlled gene system, which was an essential part to their last year's iGEM project. In order to help them with their experiment, we suggested on a method called Ubbelohde viscomete, which they could used to test the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid.

Safety with Unesp_Brazil

    This year we also contacted with the team Unesp_Brazilr by e-mails. We all concerned about the safety of the synthetic biology so we talked more about how to construct a high efficient chassis microorganism which is safe enough. Although we wanted to make our strain applied into the practical application, we didn’t know anything about the application of engineering bacteria. Fortunately, Unesp_Brazil offered the regulations and instructed us to apply our bacteria in the correct way. They also offered us the gene which could be added as the kill switch, helping us to notice the importance of using a kill switch to make our bacteria safer. Of course, we give some methods to help with their experiments and shared some experience about our project. Because this is the first time to attend for the iGEM, we are very appreciated that Unesp_Brazil could share experience with us and adopted our ideas even though we are a new team for iGEM.

Collaboration with XJTLU-CHINA

    At the beginning of the iGEM, we have already contacted with the XJTLU-CHINA since they have rich experience about igem. They held a seminar to introduce the rules of the igem which helped us to start our project in a correct way and they also gave us many instruct in our human practice. They had some problems about website construction, so we put forward some advice and finally they solved the problems. We also help them make a mind map which you could see in their wiki. We are appreciated XJYLU-CHINA and hope we will have more collaboration in the future.

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