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    We are a team from Jiangnan University in Wuxi, China. As the first team to participate in iGEM, we are learning and exploring with a sincere heart.
    Our team is named Jiangnan_China, composed of students from different grades in different schools. We have studied from multiple perspectives and adopted biosynthetic methods to solve the problems of Lactococcus lactis in the human intestine, which is not resistant to acids and freezing during transportation and storage. There are still many problems in the work waiting for us, but we humbly ask for advice, and strive to find more opportunities to find and solve in order to improve the work.
    Jiangnan University was established in 1958 and has 60 years of history this year. It is located on the bank of Taihu Lake and is known as "the pearl of higher education in light industry". Our university has 5 national research bases, 14 provincial and ministerial level scientific research bases, and 7 bases of other platform. The university encourages students to enter the laboratory as soon as possible to observe and learn, stimulate interests, and provides us with a good scientific research platform. The proportion of senior titles in our school is 69%, and doctoral degree is 52%. The academic atmosphere is strong. Our university actively exchanges and cooperates with universities and enterprises at home and abroad, actively promotes the transformation of scientific research results into practical commercial applications, and creates a high-quality, high-pursuit college. Dropouts are still good and they stop at perfection.

Professor Guocheng Du (PI) 
Research Fields: Fermentation process optimization and control & Enzyme
engineering and technology & Microbial metabolic engineering

Professor Juan Zhang (Secondary PI)
Research Fields: Microbial metabolism engineering &Development and
Application of New Food
Enzyme Preparations

Professor Zhen Kang
(Secondary PI) 

Research Fields: Synthetic biology
& Microbial metabolic engineering & Enzymatic engineering research

Professor Yanyan Li

Research Fields: Metabolism and
regulation mechanism of lipidA & Pathogenic mechanism
of foodborne pathogenic microorganism
& Amino acid metabolism engineering

Yifan Wang
Bioengineering;Wet lab & writing

Yaling Wang
Bioengineering;Wet lab & writing

Shuyan Zhang
Bioengineering;Wet lab & writing

Yunxiao Hu
Bioengineering;Human practice;Brisk and frank

Weijia Liu
Bioengineering;Wet lab

Zhoudi Miao
Bioengineering;Wet lab

Tian Wang
Bioengineering;Wet lab

Shuang Wang
Engineering Management;Web design

Wenxuan Zhao
Digital Media Arts;Animation design;

Zhihao Wang
Computer Science;Web design

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