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Your team has been approved and you are ready to start the iGEM season!Summary: As a new type of drug carrier, exosomes have the advantages of good biocompatibility and good bioplasticity. Currently, they have been widely used as carriers for drug development of cancer/neurological diseases, but due to low production of extracellular bodies. The difficulty of extraction has not yet been applied clinically. This project aims to use synthetic biology to induce GES-1 cells (gastric immortalized epithelial cells) to secrete exosomes, and to inhibit gastric cancer miRNA-135, miRNA-769, miRNA-942 is inserted into exosomes to rapidly produce exosomes that target gastric cancer cells and inhibit the progression of gastric cancer. First, we intend to validate miRNA-135, miRNA-769 using CCK-8, flow cytometry, and scratch assays. The tumor suppressor function of miRNA-942 inhibits cancer, and secondly constructs the lentiviral expression vector of CMV-SDC4-T2A-STEAP3-P2A-NadB-SV40 to construct a stable cell line with SDC4-STEAP3-NadB overexpression, followed by ultracentrifugation Method, WB, NTA, electron microscopy to identify exosomes, and compare the secretion difference of exosomes before and after expression, using DIO dye to label exosomes to verify the uptake ability of cancer cells, using electrotransformation to transfer miRNAs Secretion In The constructed exosomes co-cultured cancer cells, using flow cytometry, CCK-8, scratch test Developing of exosomes inhibition of cancer cells. This study intends to address the issue of exosome production, provide new ideas for the clinical transformation of exosomes, and provide a feasible solution and a preliminary basis for the clinical treatment of gastric cancer.

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