Team:METU HS Ankara/beliz

Drylab Vorker
Lives in low temperatures usually described as inhospitable, a.k.a the freezer
  • Likes it cold. (Stranger things allusion!?)
  • Usually goes to get ice for our experiments or to dump the ice
  • Gamzetotroph claims that her hair is fluffy, no one believes though because she always ties her hair.
  • Constantly reads Biobuilder for no reason.
  • Writes everything down.
  • Barely speaks, no one knows her real voice.
  • Has no feet; but does sports :)
  • Likes to get soaking wet in the rain.
  • Mertn’t

Drylab Worker
Drylab worker, HP group member, Interlab

My motivation to join this project and go on this adventure was that, I have wondered about the connections between psychology and molecular biology. Also, I was interested in the working of nature and curious about how humanity affects it; and how we can do better just by engineering organisms so little like bacteria. Basically, I wanted to make a change in my own way.