Team:METU HS Ankara/ceyhun

Secondary PI
Universities, libraries and classrooms
  • Has perfect memories to talk about and laugh at.
  • Probably has the answer to every question you have ever had or might ever have in the future.
  • Can learn from him even though you are just eating and walking.
  • Has great taste.
  • Loves science and the history of it.

Secondary PI
Secondary PI

Getting the young interested in sciences is a tough but fruitful effort. My main ambition in working with this team was just this. Working with high schoolers was dramatically different from what I accustomed to; working with college students. This brought some challenges, but it was worth it. Teaching high school students how to work in a lab was hard or both parties. Seeing them overcome all of those was refreshing; it’s unbelievable how they have grasped things my college students have a hard time doing so.