Team:METU HS Ankara/gamze

Team Leader
Wherever the sun shines / teachers’ lounge
  • Workaholic and wants everyone to be so.
  • Loves lab environment and note taking.
  • Artist or a painter, whichever you call.
  • Keeps track of everything somehow. o.o
  • Does not stop panicking for a moment.
  • Survives without eating for days, in the condition that she has breakfast.
  • Is said to obtain energy from her anxiety.
  • BFF of teachers.
  • A feminist social justice warrior that will outpower the patriarchy with PsychroBELIZ Pseudopodas.
  • Tunçn’t

Team Leader
Team leader, WetLab worker, DryLab worker, HP group member, Artist, Interlab

My motivation to join iGEM was my love for life sciences and research. I always admired scientists finding themselves in the middle of an ocean of knowledge and I wanted to be like one of them. Starting with a passion to learn more, I kept walking on this road and discovered that iGEM was even more than only science. It was fun, awareness, and endurance. I enjoyed all aspects from HP to Lab and I learned how to be responsible in handling a project that requires great work.