Team:METU HS Ankara/kutay

Drylab Worker
Anywhere with free food
  • He rarely talks, we are not sure if he really works.
  • Constantly has headphones on.
  • Everyone believes he is a master in modelling but no one is sure.
  • InterLab and programming genius (allegedly).
  • Always there for you, except for the times you need him.
  • Mertn’t
Drylab Worker
Drylab worker, Wetlab worker, Interlab leader, Modelling Man, HP helper

My motivation to join iGEM was boredom. It offered me some monstrous joy for summer! It taught me what science really is. iGEM was not just a simple project but a great opportunity to fulfill my time with lovely people. It is beyond the lab. In this path, I learned advance biology, lab rules and math while discovering the world and amazed by some little bacteria. It is nice to know that everything can be changed by science.