Team:METU HS Ankara/mert

Prototype Chief
  • Usually goes to get ice with PsychroBeliz Pseudopodas.
  • Addicted to mints.
  • Escapes sun, hides under shadows.
  • Pisses Gamzetotroph Nervosa off all the time.
  • Almost failed his class due to him being absent the whole time.
  • Kutayn’t, Belizn’t, Gamzen’t
  • People suspect that he is a vampire, who knows?
  • Collected evidence indicating that he is actually a vampire:
    • Always wears sunglasses and sunblock.
    • Super pale.
    • Hates going in the sun.
    • Rarely sleeps at nights.

Prototype Chief
Prototype Chief, Drylab Worker, HP Helper, Interlab

My ambition to be in iGEM was its prestige, how cool it was. I was very jealous of my friends from our 2016 team, in a good way. They just wouldn't stop talking about how iGEM was very cool, fun and how it’d open up so many opportunities. As being the largest in its branch, I knew it would be a great platform to learn about synthetic biology, genetics and project-making. It had taught me a lot; cooperating, with my team, general public and fellow scientists from all over the world. I saw how complete strangers gladly work together in the name of science, which astonished me the most. Also, I knew It’d be a blast.