Team:METU HS Ankara/tugba

Primary PI
Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Labs, Libraries
  • Atomically Blonde.
  • Just Tuğba with no extras needed.
  • The perfect judge.
  • Always deals with problems and solves them the day or the other day or the other day… but definitely solves them.
  • Is a bit crazy behind the wheel.
  • Fitness freak.
  • As fancy as it gets.

Primary PI
Primary PI

Biology is much larger than what high school curriculum requires us to teach. Thus, as an educator, I am keenly ready to inspire my students with scientific projects enabling them to be the scientists of tomorrow. To reach beyond the rigid borders of classroom walls, iGEM is the best opportunity for me and for my students. I was always interested in synthetic biology and genetic engineering but exploring this world with my students is the best part. Although all aspects of iGEM takes hard work, seeing my students accomplish things and our project getting put together makes up for it. This is officially my fourth year at iGEM. We, as a team, put tremendous effort to our project and we are very excited to be a part of the iGEM family.