Team:METU HS Ankara/tunc

Wetlab Worker
Anywhere cozy with enough coffee and tea
  • Likes doing nothing.
  • Always so chill, Gamzen’t.
  • Researcher genius.
  • Has a serious addiction of watching meaningless YouTube videos.
  • Loves Ayvalık Toast and WetLab.
  • Sometimes does nothing for the whole day and no one realizes, except for Gamzetotroph.
  • “This car doesn’t run on water, ma’am”.

Wetlab Worker
Wetlab worker, Drylab worker, HP helper, Interlab, iGEM Goes Green

The reason behind me joining our school’s iGEM Team was my interest in biological sciences and lab work. As a child, I’ve always admired scientists and always wanted to become one when I grew up because I loved experimenting with stuff. When I started high school, I realized that the branch of science I was passionate about was biology and I wanted to pursue it with attending a prestigious competition such as iGEM, maybe starting my life as a scientist while doing it.