Team:Macquarie Australia

Maquarie iGEM 2018

Team Macquarie 2018 is working on a modified strain of E. coli which will produce chlorophyll a through the chlorophyll biosynthesis pathway, as well as photosystem II (PSII) which recruits chlorophyll for its assembly. We are building on the work of previous Macquarie teams however we have narrowed our focus to chlorophyll biosynthesis, allowing us to focus on the critical issues identified in previous years. Ultimately, we aim to utilise chlorophyll biosynthesis machinery to mimic the formation of chloroplasts seen in photosynthetic organisms. When expressed in E. coli, these genes will provide a novel system for artificial vesicle formation with extensive utility in medical, food and other industries. Synthetic vesicles in E. coli allow for the compartmentalisation of biochemistry, creating new possibilities for the recombinant production of fine chemicals.