Team:NEU China A/Attributions



Thank you all for helping us in the past amazing year! We can't succeed without your help!
Special thanks to 2016 iGEM Team ShanghaiTechChina_B, part of our project is based on their work.

General Support

Professor Chen Ding guided our project and lended his lab to us.

Lab support

As advisor, Yanjian L, Xindi Gao, Qiaojing Liang, Hailong Li guided our experiments and helped us do some of the work.


Teacher Hongqiang Qi raised funds for our project.

Project organization

Zhaoyu Liu designed our project and organized weekly meeting.

Wet lab

Zhaoyu Liu and Guowei Song participated in the plasmid construction and characterization of NO sensor.
Jiali Wang, Jiangxue Li and Yining Zheng participated in the construction and expression of the myrosinase plasmid.
Jiali Wang and Jiangxue Li constructed plasmid of killswitch. Jiali Wang, Jiangxue Li and Lengning Wei performed experiments related to kill switch.
Yuening Xiang, Jiyuan Teng and Lengning Wei participated in the plasmid construction of IL10. Hongfa Yan and Lengning Wei participated in the expression of IL10.
Yanjian Li, Qiaojing Liang, Zhaoyu Liu participated the plasmid construction and characterization of YebF-GFP.


Weilin Jiang and Zekun Li produced the logo of the team and many pictures related to our projects. A sketch of the project design was drawn by Yuening Xiang.


Jiali Wang, Jiangxue Li, Lengning Wei and Zhaoyu Liu made made the defense PPT for Giant Jamboree.


Zhaoyu Liu produced the poster for CCiC. Weilin Jiang and Jiangxue Li produced the poster for Giant Jamboree.


Guowei Song organized the experiment and participated in the experiment with Yuening Xiang and Hongfa Yan.

DNA submits

Yuening Xiang and Jiyuan Teng collected our parts and sent them to Nanjing.

Mobile game

Zhaoyu Liu and Hongfa Yan designed the game, and Yueyang Wu made the game.


Zaixing Huang proposed the original idea of amplifier modeling and discussed it with Xiaowei Wang and Jiyuan Teng. Rongye Meng modeled our amplifier and wrote Chinese materials. Zhaoyu Liu is responsible for translation and typesetting. Xiaowei Wang is responsible for uploading materials.


Xianli Fang and Mingyang Zhang designed web pages and uploaded materials.
Zhaoyu Liu, Jiali Wang, Lengning Wei, Guowei Song, Jiangxue Li, Jiani Li, and Rui Wang participated in the writing of the wiki.The adviser Wei Du helped us to modify the text of our wiki.

Human practices

Rui Wang, Jiani Li and Jiangxue Li are responsible for organizing and participating in HP's activities. Zhaoyu Liu, Jiali Wang, Guowei Song, Yuening Xiang, and Zaixing Huang participated in some of HP's activities. Zhaoyu Liu and Guowei Song participated in the 5th CCiC organized by Shanghaitech University. Jiali Wang, Guowei Song and Zhaoyu Liu participated in the cooperation with other teams.


Thanks to the Arabidopsis, a gift from Associate Professor Che Wang of Shenyang Agricultural University, we tried to extract the gene of myrosinase from it.
Thanks to Sun Lab for providing us with the plasmid pet28a.
Thanks to Professor Teng Fei for his helpful suggestions for the early stages of the project. Thanks to Fei Lab for providing us with a plasmid containing luciferase and some experimental consumables.
Thanks to Professor Ren Sheng for accepting our interview.
Thanks to Dr. Changqing Zheng for accepting our interview.
Thanks to iGEM team ZJU-China for sending us a plasmid for interlab.
Thanks to Dr. Suo Chenhao for giving us some advice for experiments.
And we are grateful to Yujie Peng and Shulin Huang for participating in some activities in the early stage of the project.