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Biomanufacturing opens up possibilities for sustainable
production of useful materials.

We, Team NUSGEM, created Coup Dy’état,
an environmentally-friendly platform to advance biomanufacturing.

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Current biomanufacturing platforms are
chemical-intensive and expensive.

Coup Dy’état is not only environmentally-friendly, but also potentially cheaper.

Find out how we designed our platform
Integrating findings from our human practices has helped us make sure that our platform is relevant and useful to biomanufacturers.

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To prove that our platform works, we decided to produce flavonoids to be used as dyes.

Why did we choose to produce dyes?
The textile dyeing and dyestuff production industry is the second most pollutive industry in the world.

Our biomanufacturing platform can

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No system would work without its support.

Find out how we modelled our complete system and how we built our hardware system to support our platform.
Our team of 13 is made up intensely motivated students across all disciplines.

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Biomanufacturing of the Future.