Team:NUS Singapore-A/Medals



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Head on over to our team Instagram to enjoy snippets of our enjoyable time in iGEM 2018.

Competition Deliverables

Check out our Judging Form to find out more about the prize and medal criteria our project has successfully accomplished.


Check out our Attributions page to find out more about the behind-the-scenes work - we are so excited to share more about the work that we have done, and credit the selfless individuals and organisations that have helped our team!

Characterization / Contribution

Take a look at our InterLab study page to find out more about our team’s contributions to the InterLab Measurement Study.


Validated Part

Find out more about our team’s newly-designed and unique parts - a stress-reporter, flavone synthase production induced by arabinose for the production of apigenin, and the coding sequence necessary for eriodyctiol production.


In the spirit of international collaboration, check out our Collaboration page to learn more about the exciting developments that have transpired between NUSGEM and other iGEM teams! We are also pleased to present to you our Collaborative Report, a joint initiative between Team Toulouse-INSA-UPS 2018 and Team ULaval 2018.

Human practice

No project exists in isolation, and Coup Dy’état is no exception - issues surrounding our project must be carefully considered to create a thoughtful and responsible design. Head to our Human Practices page to find out how our team has engaged with stakeholders in the biomanufacturing and fashion industries, and to find out what we have learnt through our series of expert interviews.


Integrated Human Practices

Through thoughtful engagement with stakeholders in the biomanufacturing and fashion industries, we have elucidated their concerns and suggestions, and integrated them into the design of our project and its overall direction. Find out more about how our project goals and direction were shaped by the integration of stakeholder suggestions at our Integrated Human Practices page - this ensured our platform remained valuable and useful. Head on to our Education and Public Engagement page to learn more about how we engaged students and educators in fruitful and meaningful discussions about the ethics and applications of synthetic biology.

Improve a previous part or project

Our team embarked to improve upon a blue-light repressible composite part produced in 2017. Find out more about how we improved this existing part with our new part that comes with a reporter and degradation tag.


Our wet-lab and modelling sub-teams worked closely with each other. Head over to our Modelling page to find out more about the development of our models, the data we used, and how our models have affected our system design.


To check out the various milestones in our platform development, visit our Demonstrate page. Our system works under safe and practical conditions - find out more on our Safety page.