Team:NUS Singapore-A/Part Collection



These are the BioBricks that our team has constructed and characterized. The parts with a red heart represent our favorite parts! Click on each BioBrick to find out more!


Part Number Type Description Length
BBa_K2819118 Reporter Stress Reporter: mRFP Gene under Burden-Driven Promoter 901
BBa_K2819010 Regulatory Stress Promoter (htpG1) 81
BBa_K2819103 Regulatory Blue light-repressible system with RFP reporter attached with YbaQ degradation tag 1702
BBa_K2819200 Coding Blue light-repressible production of F3’H 1500
BBa_K2819201 Coding Blue light-repressible production of FNS 1131
BBa_K2819206 Coding Production of Flavone Synthase (FNS) by induction of arabinose 2468
BBa_K2819000 Coding Coding Region for F3'H 1464
BBa_K2819001 Coding Coding Region for Flavone Synthase (FNS) 1095
BBa_K2819011 Coding YbaQ degradation tag 30