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NUS Engineering was established in the National University of Singapore (NUS) with the merger in 1980 between the University of Singapore and Nanyang University. The largest of fourteen faculties and schools at NUS, the Faculty has grown from 300 students in the late 1970s to close to 10,000 strong today. Today, we are a vibrant community with ten departments and programmes, and is among the top 10 in the world for engineering and technology.

NUS Engineering’s mission is to nurture Engineer-Leaders with a global perspective and to lead in technology through high-impact research. Celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2015, the Faculty has contributed substantially to the rapid industrial and economic growth of the nation while continuing to contribute to a knowledge-based economy.

With an increasing international student and staff population, the Faculty has developed into a truly cosmopolitan environment for tertiary education, emphasising both fundamentals and applications.

NUS Synthetic Biology for Clinical and Technological Innovation (SynCTI) was formally established in Jan 2015 as the focal research program for synthetic biology at the National University of Singapore. SynCTI operates as a highly interdisciplinary research core that amalgamates leading Principal Investigators from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering. SynCTI aims to anchor Singapore as one of the leading Synthetic Biology Hubs in the world and to develop novel biological and biologically-based systems with advanced clinical and industrial applications. Through research collaborations with renowned international institutes and private industries, SynCTI strives to create new knowledge and develop foundational technologies in synthetic biology and groom future generations of highly skilled researchers endowed with basic science and translational research capabilities.

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Since 1998, Axil Scientific have served the life science research market in Singapore with our vast experience in Sales, Distribution, Manufacturing and Sales Channel Management.

We have partnered with leading manufacturers of life science products to bring to the local research community the tools needed for their research. Our distributed product categories include instruments, molecular and cellular biology, immunology, biochemicals and labware.

In 2002, we began the manufacturing of 1st BASE products and services, with the goal of providing high quality locally made products to our researchers. We took this opportunity to build 1st BASE brand and has since become the marketing-leading provider for Sanger Sequencing and other related services in Singapore!

To find out more on our products and services, please visit

Arbor Biosciences is a development and manufacturing company owned by scientists founded to serve our peers in molecular biology applications. We are a passionate organization of scientists determined to deliver cost-effective, user-friendly products to researchers of genetics and synthetic biology. The team at Arbor Biosciences prides themselves on providing exceptional customer service and timely technical support to new or advanced users on our array of products. We routinely collaborate with our customers and research partners to develop innovative solutions to address their unique applications. From discussing the feasibility of a project to providing fast, reliable laboratory services, we are here to help. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and develop a custom solution for your unique research question.

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AdvanceSyn Studio™ is an integrated platform that provides you with easy-to-use tools for the design, simulation and optimization of engineered biological systems. It is aimed to facilitate your synthetic biology activities from lab-scale to commercial production.

AdvanceSyn endeavours to provide innovative and high-quality products and solutions for predictable biological engineering. We aim to set a new standard in biological engineering – where there is a shift towards the use of a more systematic, automated and predictive model-driven approach – reducing the resources required for downstream build and test phases, towards a more sustainable future.

Singer Instruments was established in 1934 and has a long-standing track record developing and manufacturing mechatronic workstations and laboratory automation robotics. For over 80 years Singer Instruments have been dedicated to making instrumentation to make your lab research easier. And we do this because we really believe in the importance of the scientific research that you do!

Our world-leading, specialist products are used to facilitate and accelerate genetic and genomic research around the world. We supply public and private research institutions in multiple facets of biological sciences including Genetics, Neuroscience, Systems Biology, Cancer Biology, Biofuel Engineering and microbiology. Having worked alongside and added value to laboratory research for over 40 years, we are a truly integrated and respected member of the genetics research community.

Our tag line ‘a responsibility to science’, acts as a continual reminder for us to do our utmost to support, develop new technology, and add as much value as possible to the science and the scientific community we serve.

The BioMakerSpace at Faculty of Engineering (FOE) was set up recently in April 2018. The BioMakerSpace@FOE is a lab space for students to get hands-on experience on engineering of biology and turn their ideas into prototypes by taking the “maker culture” approach. The space is well equipped with state-of-the art equipment to facilitate the engineering of microbes using synthetic biology. It is also a place to prompt innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of Engineering Biology. The space is currently the basecamp for NUS iGEM teams.

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