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Project Overview

This year, we design a toolkit focused on translational regulation, which is composed of an RNA endoribonuclease (Csy4) and a RNA module(stem-loop). Csy4(Csy6f), a member of Cas endoribonuclease from Pseudomonas aeruginosa, recognizes a specific 16-nt nucleotide repetitive sequence(stem-loop). We add a complimentary sequence of RBS followed by the 16nt stem-loop recognized by csy4 into genetic circuit. Cleaved at the specific recognition site, the cleavage releases the masked ribosome binding site(RBS), thus endowing the programming of gene expression in the translation level with higher feasibility. Specifically, by constructing this toolkit, we make it possible to regulate the expression of downstream gene such as GFP. We further redesigned four Csy4 mutants, whose capacities of recognizing and cleaving 5 stem-loop mutants are different. By quantitatively adjusting the stem-loops, we can even achieve a stoichiometry expression of the target proteins in a polycistron gene expression construct.

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